Well, exactly how does one “order art?” At first glance, GardenPoles are relatively simple — tubes slid over a pipe. On closer examination, each pole is unique in terms of design, glaze, pattern, height and thickness.  No two pieces are ever exactly the same.

The cost of your GardenPoles will be determined by you and the artist!

But to give you an idea of how to estimate costs, we’ve devised the following general “rule of thumb”:

Prices do not include applicable taxes or shipping.

Every pole combines different degrees of size and complexity, so this “rule of thumb” is just an estimating tool. It gives you a start. Use the photos as a guideline. When you and the artist speak, use the photographs at the web site as a point of reference.

How do I know what I’m going to get?

Well, you don’t. We could manufacture plastic versions, but that wouldn’t be all that interesting, would it? Your conversation with the artist and references to the Gallery will give you your best idea.

Are they hard to install?

There are some sharp edges, especially if you're using rebar. But overall, installing will involve pounding a pole at least 12 inches (30.5 cm) into the ground. You will receive further instructions based on the size and type of pole you order.

Are they durable? Will they survive my environment?

GardenPoles are made of clay, vitrified and fired to Cone 5. Our poles have withstood many Minnesota winters, with sleet, freeze/thaws, and temperatures plummeting to 25 below zero Fahrenheit. At the other extreme, they have survived many Arizona summers.

A certain amount of freeze/thaw corrosion is normal, especially on the bottom piece. If you want to help them out in the winter snow, you can add a piece of Styrofoam under the bottom piece, so it is not directly resting on the ground.

The Poles are ceramics, however, and should be considered fragile. Due to the nature of our business we make no warranty of any kind on the poles.

How do I order or get more information?

Due to the horrific increase in Internet SPAM, we’re sorry not to include our email address here at the site. Please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you right away. Thereafter you will be conversing directly with the artist.

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